Loan Management
- Untangled

Make your loan management faster, easier, and smarter with our scalable platform.

Everything you need to handle loans, in every step of the way.

Business on a page

Our dashboard provides you with a comprehensive look into your business, on a day to day basis. Forget the pain of deciphering multiple reports, everything filtered to a page.

Cut down processing

An easy interface to help you and your team cycle through your customer's loan cycles with easy. Enjoy the spike in your customer satisfaction metrics from day one.

Improve with insights

Our real-time reports and sales insights keeps you updates on your efforts to the minute. All it takes is a glance to understand whether you should steam ahead or change tracks.

Decrease delinquency

Our modules automates your team’s needs to process, verify, approve, and manage loans. Free them up to focus on the core of your business, increasing your returns.

Hire-Purchase Loan

A better drive for you and your customers. Our ready-to-use customization for hire-purchase loans comes from a close understanding of the market.

Check up the price and breeze through the processing. Ensure EMI collection, and insure that the insurances are in line. SmartLend 3G takes the load off your shoulders and races you to a rapidly scaling business.

Operating Lease

Ensure the wrench never hits your work. SmartLend 3G’s ready-to-use operating lease customization ensures you are always ahead be it on turnaround, or perspective.

SmartLend 3G helps you manage your Vendors end-to-end, from quotes and invoicing to purchase orders to payments, letting you focus on improving profitability. From purchase MRA approval to purchase order in origination, debit and credit note to OL expenses management in loan administration, and handling funder limits to note creation in funder management, we have covered with its extensive feature set.

Gold Loan

A precise software for a precious metal. Smoothly sail over every function pertaining to the three stages in handling gold loans with SmartLend 3G.

Our ready-to-use customization is made to fit the gold loan market’s unique requirements. Right out of the box you will have the ability to handle fluctuations market value, manage auctions, recognize incomes and more.

On need to know

Secure your data with user controls to ensure that only the data relevant to employees and customers are available to them. Give them all the information they need while ensuring that confidential information is kept off limits.

Database synced

Be it SQL, Oracle, our software is deployable in the database of your preference. Do you use Cognos? Or do you prefer Tableau? Don't sweat the details, and let us to customize the software to your requirements.

Add on modules

We understand that your needs might be specific. Fear not. We serve custom add-ons for your specific needs, which include insurance, collateral, legal repossession, trade advance, underwriting, BI report systems and more.

Scale to any size

SmartLend 3G can be tailored to fit your size, no matter how large or small. Shed your worries on growing pains. Our software grows with you, even helping grow more rapidly.

Deployment Modes

On Premise

Host our software on your own premises. You will be in full control over its deployment.


Rent our software on a monthly and user basis. We’ll take care of all the details.

Our team of experts who brought SmartLend 3G to life.